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Participate in the AI Powered Research & Development Study and Receive a FREE Velscope.


Artificial Intelligence has proven to be an effective tool to improve care in medicine and now in dentistry. We are taking a proven AI technology platform and developing computer enhanced assessment to assist our clinicians in making more confident and faster decisions for patient care. Be part of the next generation of VELscope oral cancer screening technology!

By participating in the unique study, practices may be eligible for tax rebates and credits for equipment purchases as well as patient experience improvements.

By submitting this form, you you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and authorize VELscope® to contact you for the purpose indicated on this page. You will receive a separate quote from our carrier partner, DentistCare (ProAssurance) for malpractice insurance discounts. You are in control of your data and can unsubscribe from our lists using our self opt-out option or by emailing our support directly at marketing@velscope.

Only available to practices in the United States.

By participating in the unique study, practices may be eligible for tax rebates and credits for equipment purchases as well as patient experience improvements.  

Are you eligible for a FREE VELscope device and 7 new patient leads per month?

By participating in this unique study, your practice’s oral screening images will be used for research and development study to help develop an AI-based algorithm to assist in the identification and management of abnormal oral mucosa. If you qualify, you may be eligible for substantial R&D tax rebates.

It starts here. 2 CEU VELscope Online Certification. Once completed successfully, you will be mailed a Certified VELscope Screening Center door decal and CE certificate emailed to your registered email.

Minimum of 7 NEW Patient Leads Per Month with the Direct to Consumer Lead Generation Marketing Program. We will directly connect patients interested in an an oral cancer screening exam to you for scheduling.
Significantly decrease malpractice insurance premiums.* Your enrollment in the VELscope AI program gives you access to tailored solutions, coverage analysis, and discounts for medical malpractice, property, general liability, and others.
3D animated dental videos that help explain complex procedures to patients. Dedicated practice landing page and chatbot quiz to test your patient’s oral cancer knowledge, and much more.

View before and after photos that demonstrate how VELscope works.

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Dr. So and so received $125,000 tax rebates through the VELscope R&D program.
First Last
Practice revenue of $2.5MM, located in CA. Additional state incentives leveraged.

See how much tax rebates you maybe eligible for

The jaw-dropping costs of oral cavity cancer malpractice

48% of Dentist are the primary targets of cases referenced.
74% – 86% Fail to diagnose cases.
$4M generally far exceeds a practice’s standard insurance coverage.
*CONDITIONS APPLY. Through our partnership with USI, VELscope users are eligible for reduced medical malpractice insurance premiums and more. Savings cannot be guaranteed.

“It is this VELscope investment that allows USI to provide significant reductions in Malpractice insurance and savings in a variety of others areas”

– Shelby Walters, VP

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