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Thank you for choosing VELcare™ Product Protection for your VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System.

VELcare provides 100% coverage for Handpiece and Charging Cradle repairs due to manufacturer’s defect, including:  

  • Cost of repair & associated labor 
  • Shipping to and from the repair facility  

Replacement Parts Covered 

  • Battery 
  • Eyepiece 
  • Power supply 
  • Power cord 
  • Not included: VELscope Charging Cradle, Canon camera attachment parts and accessories, Apple iPod Touch


In addition to recorded online educational materials and clinical case assessment support you also receive:

  • (1) live, 1-hour webinar on VELscope usage and implementation 

Replacement Parts Shipping 

Standard inbound and outbound shipping (3-5 day service) is included for battery and light replacement parts within the  continental United States and Canada. 

Coverage for Accidental Damage 

Repair requests associated with incidental damage will be charged at a 50% discount for parts, service and shipping. 


The term is 1 year for VELcare coverage which is automatically renewed annually. To cancel, please notify us 30 days prior  to your renewal date. 

If you have questions or if you need to make a claim, please contact our team at 888-541-4614 or via email at

VELcare Legacy Upgrade

Legacy Upgrade Program and Protection Plan

Fee Schedule

$2090 Upgrade Package Includes

  • $395.00 for one year for the protection plan (Valid on VELscope® Vx upgrades from legacy products)
  • $1695.00 for each replacement upgrade to a new VELscope® Vx unit

One Year Protection Coverage Includes:

  • Standard inbound and outbound shipping (3-5 day service) within the domestic US and Canada for all battery and light replacement parts and service
  • On-demand video training modules
  • Access to additional education material and case assessment support

Part Replacement Cover Includes

  • Battery (limit of one battery replacement per year)
  • Eyepiece
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • Charging Cradle
  • Not Included: Canon camera/iPod touch attachment parts and accessories


The VELcare protective plan is open to all VELscope® Vx owners whether you purchased your unit recently or four years ago.

The key benefits of purchasing VELcare coverage include:

  • Free replacement parts inclusive of shipping
  • Covered repairs including additional shipping benefits
  • Highly competitive prices on replacement units

The VELcare program gives VELscope users a great service plan at a value that is comparable to the price of a replacement battery along with added extras.

Units needing repair can often be assessed over the phone for basic issues. Our representatives are trained to make general assessments through phone consultations but we cannot guarantee comprehensive information without an inspection.

Yes. At any time during the repair process, it is possible to switch to a replacement unit by paying the additional replacement fee.

Yes, VELcare will automatically renew annually on the date of the original enrollment. You may cancel VELcare prior to your renewal date by contacting LED Dental.

No. The coverage is for a full year and cannot be prorated for a refund once an annual charge has been made.

No. The VELcare legacy upgrade plan is designed to allow legacy owners to upgrade to a new system with competitive pricing. The VELcare cover replaces the factory warranty on new products that are purchased through the upgrade plan.

No. Your used VELscope does not need to be returned and can be properly disposed of.