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The VELscope Exam.

Time: 05:49 minutes

Normal Vs. Abnormal Mucosa.

Time: 02:29 minutes

White Light and VELscope Vx.

Time: 03:00 minutes

Documentation and Common Findings.

Time: 04:30 minutes

The Progression of Oral Cancer.

Time: 01:38 minutes

Photography With the VELscope.

Time: 01:30 minutes

Oral Cancer Screening for Today’s Population

A study released by the National Cancer Institute confirms that HPV oropharyngeal cancers have risen an astounding 225% from 1998 -2004. If this trend continues, oral cancer will become the nation’s leading HPV-related cancer within the present decade, surpassing cervical cancer. Both the medical and dental communities have been alerted to this emerging pandemic. We are still not making the inroads required with the majority of oral cancers found in the later stages. Following a comprehensive literature review, the Journal of the American Dental Association released the following statement; “On the basis of the available literature, the authors determined that a COE of mucosal lesions generally is not predictive of histologic diagnosis. The fact that OSCCs often are diagnosed at an advanced stage of disease indicates the need for improving the COE and for developing adjuncts to help detect and diagnose oral mucosal lesions”. There is an urgent need for change. Join the fight against oral cancer and become a Vx Hero with VELscope.

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Medical History Update Form

Quick Reference Guide to
Oral Lesion Documentation

Other Resources

An Introduction to Tissue Fluorescence. How Does It Work?

The science behind VELscope® fluorescence visualization of oral mucosa.


Time: 11:51 minutes

Fluorescence Visualization in the Normal Oral Cavity

A tour of the oral cavity showing up close typical examples of normal anatomy and its variation using VELscope® tissue fluorescence visualization.


Time: 13:28 minutes

Visualizing Abnormal Mucosa With the VELscope

Examples of fluorescence visualization involving an abnormal oral mucosa.


Time: 04:05 minutes

Other Resources

Fluorescence Visualization Devices in General Dentistry


Biopsy Referral Letter for Oral Surgeon

Dental and Oral Health Information

Health Information and History

Influence of Fluorescence on Screening Decisions for Oral Mucosal Lesions in Community Dental Practices

Oral Health Risk Factors

Oral Mucosal and Soft Tissue Evaluation Form

Oral Mucosal Biopsy Tracking Form

VELcare is an extended protection plan offered in addition to the 12 month factory warranty issued at the time of purchase.

Fee Schedule

  • $395.00 per year on the first VELscope unit (available on all VELscope units)
  • $195.00 per year on each additional VELscope unit (price valid based on single practice location)

One Year Coverage Includes:

  • Standard inbound and outbound shipping (3-5 day service) within the domestic US and Canada for all battery and light replacement parts and service*
  • Free one hour training with 1 CE credit – one session offered within the active warranty period (CE eligible for one person only)
  • Access to additional education material and case assessment support

Part Replacement Coverage Includes:

  • Battery (limit of one battery replacement per year)
  • Eyepiece
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • Charging Cradle
  • Not Included: IPOD

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