early detection saves lives


VELcaps ensure asepsis and prevent fogging while protecting the optics of the VELscope® device, the filters, and ultimately your investment in the system.

VELcaps are sold in 128-count shipping boxes that include eight 16-count dispenser boxes for convenient use in the operatory.

Single Use Lens Caps to Prevent Patient Cross Contamination

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening


VELcare provides 100% coverage for Handpiece and Charging Cradle repairs due to manufacturer’s defect.

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Oral cancer can be caught early using VELscope screening

53,000 people are newly diagnosed with an oral or oropharyngeal cancer. The death rate from oral...

The Tooth and Nothing But The Tooth

In this VELscope Vlog Hero Spotlight, Sonya Dunbar, the Geriatric Tooth-fairy tells us why regular...

Oral Cancer Survivor, Lesion Found with VELscope.

In this VELscope Hero Vlog Spotlight, Dr. Julia Heinrich, shares her story of an oral cancer...


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