early detection saves lives


VELcaps ensure asepsis and prevent fogging while protecting the optics of the VELscope® device, the filters, and ultimately your investment in the system.

VELcaps are sold in 128-count shipping boxes that include eight 16-count dispenser boxes for convenient use in the operatory.

Single Use Lens Caps to Prevent Patient Cross Contamination

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening


VELcare provides 100% coverage for Handpiece and Charging Cradle repairs due to manufacturer’s defect.

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48% Increase in Examination Revenue.

A 2-minute cancer screening that may reduce malpratice liability and potentially saves lives....

Oral Cancer in Young Adults: Why Early Detection is Key 

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, a time when dental professionals join with other medical...

The Emotional Impact of Oral Cancer: Supporting Patients and Their Families

If a you suspect that a patient may have cancer, here are 5 things you should absolutely NOT do....


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