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Below is a sample of the testimonials we’ve received for the VELscope® Vx Oral Assessment System.

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“I have found VELscope to be a very useful addition to the diagnostic methods used for the detection and management of oral dysplastic and malignant lesions. In the year that I have used the VELscope there have been several occasions where its use allowed detection of malignant or dysplastic oral lesions when clinical suspicion of the lesion was very low or nonexistent. The scope is easy to use and provides a more objective method than visual inspection alone for determination of which lesions demand immediate biopsy and more aggressive follow-up. Adding the VELscope to our diagnostic protocol has been extremely useful and resulted in detection of dangerous lesions that would have otherwise been undetected.”

Edmond L. Truelove DMD, MSD
Chair & Professor, Oral Medicine
University of Washington


“I find the VELscope to be an invaluable tool for the detection of oral cancer. The response from my patients has been overwhelmingly positive. I have yet to have a patient decline the service. In my opinion, this technology will be the standard of care in a short period of time. There is no other adjunctive method available to so accurately help find areas of oral cancer at a stage that is so readily treatable. I am so pleased with the device I am about to purchase another VELscope to make sharing the unit within my office easier.”

Tony Hewlett DDS
Standwood, WA


“VELscope literally saved her life.”
Anthony Palombaro DDS
Binghamton, NY


“Every dental office needs this instrument.”


“My office has been using VELscope for almost a year, and my associate and I have definitely become more thorough in our oral cancer exam. We have discovered and confirmed dysplasias and several benign lesions that would probably have been missed had it not been for our use of the VELscope. We feel strongly that all dental offices should provide this service.”


George Moss DDS, FAGD
Lakewood Park Dental
School of Dentistry, Lake Conroe, TX